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I Am A Tree

I am a tree.

My roots are deep.

They nourish me.

My branches are strong, though few

Ready, everyday, for something new.

My body is flexible and long,

Swaying to wind and song;

My extensions are soft and warm;

They comfort, protect and enfold.

My soul is light and bright,

Her rays of love are out of sight!

They touch, heal and release

Pain, suffering and unease,

Infusing joy, peace and love.

At least, I hope it’s my gift from above.

I am a tree, alone,

And in a forest community.

The only thing I really own

Is the choice to love, grow and give infinitely.

So won’t you join me, please!

It’s that simple, you see.

Together, we can renew and find

The way to freedom: to be kind

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